More Paper Bag Material Types
    1. White Kraft
    2. White KraftWhite kraft paper bags have emerged as an elegant alternative to plastic bags, offering a more upscale appearance. These bags are not only uncoated, practical, and eco-friendly, but also fully recyclable, making them a favorite choice for bakeries, clothing stores, gift shops, and more. Learn More
    1. Brown Kraft
    2. Brown KraftWe offer paper bag making machinery designed to make a series of brown kraft paper bags in various sizes, with options for both handle and no-handle designs to cater to your specific requirements. The classic brown kraft paper bag is one of the most frequently used types of bags...Learn More
    1. Black Paperboard
    2. Black PaperboardBlack paperboard bags represent a fusion of sustainability and style, ideal for businesses looking for a high-end packaging solution. Crafted from premium paper with a substantial thickness of up to 180g, these bags offer durability and a premium feel. Learn More