More Paper Bag Material Types
    1. Black Paperboard
    2. Black PaperboardBlack paperboard bags represent a fusion of sustainability and style, ideal for businesses looking for a high-end packaging solution. Crafted from premium paper with a substantial thickness of up to 180g, these bags offer durability and a premium feel. Learn More
    1. Virgin Pulp
    2. Virgin PulpVirgin pulp paper is known for its pure and eco-friendly production, entirely free from chlorine bleach, fluorescent whiteners, and the harmful carcinogen dioxin. This approach ensures the paper retains its 100% natural plant fiber color, making... Learn More
    1. White Kraft
    2. White KraftWhite kraft paper bags have emerged as an elegant alternative to plastic bags, offering a more upscale appearance. These bags are not only uncoated, practical, and eco-friendly, but also fully recyclable, making them a favorite choice for bakeries, clothing stores, gift shops, and more. Learn More